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Welcome to Organic Gardening 365! | Organic Gardening 365
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Welcome to Organic Gardening 365!

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Whether you’re a brand new organic gardener, or have been digging in the dirt for years, there’s nothing quite like planting your own garden, watching it grow and then harvesting the fruits (and vegetables) of your labors.

But a lot of our efforts would be totally useless except for that grand family of pollinators who do their magic with pollen.

I hope you’ll enjoy this roster of flowers that bees and butterflies just can’t resist. Just click on the link below to download it.

Butterfly 51 Flowers to Attract Bees and Butterflies to Your Garden


To get your free copy:

Click here!


Please save this pdf to your computer, or print it out for handy reference.


Things to watch for…

  • Over the next several weeks, you’ll receive some follow-up emails with my famous OG-365 Timeless Gardening Tips (23 in all).
  • Whenever there’s a new article, tip or interview on OrganicGardening365.com, you’ll get an email notice (about once or twice a week).  I’ll be sharing all kinds of great inspiration for having a super-productive organic garden. (And did I mention recipes?)

Here’s to the magic of pollen,
James Early

P.S.  I always love to hear about your success in the garden–and the lessons you’ve learned.  And if something from Organic Gardening 365 has been helpful, or if you have a gardening question, please let me know. 

P.P.S.  I’d love to feature you here–or perhaps a special gardening project you’re working on–so everyone can see what you’ve accomplished.  We all can learn so much from each other.

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  • Liesle

    Got some organic seed from Sandveld Organics in South Africa. Got some Peat Bricks to use as a planting medium. Saw the cutest hothouse on one website made from pvc piping. Hubby is going to make me one. we live in a complex so I will have to put it on our deck outside. Will post a photo once it is done. First try at planting vegetables. My baby is actually a Venus Flytrap and as healthy as can be.



    • James Early

      Liesle, Nice to hear about your plans. Let me know how things go.

  • Thanks for information regarding top organic seed catalog’s! It was great to meet you and your wife and family while traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday!! What a blessing to meet like minded people on such a short flight.
    Hope your holiday was great (even with the Polar Vortex!). We actually got down to 1 degree which I don’t remember happening in the last 30 years in my southern neck of the woods. All plants survived since we had a little blanket of snow first. Praise God!
    We look forward to organic gardening tips and tricks. Many blessings to you and yours!

    • James Early

      Vickie, Thanks for your kind words. Let me know how your garden comes along. Blessings to you and your family.

  • Camela

    Hi, I just tried to download the free 51 Flowers booklet and my phone is not able to download it for some reason… is it possible to get it emailed to me in it’s entirety so I may enjoy reading it and putting it to good use by planting for pollinators. Please help. Thanks

    • James Early

      Camela, Sorry you had problems downloading the 51 flowers pdf. I have sent an email to you with it attached. Let me know if you got it okay.