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Organic Gardening Tips: How to Grow an Organic Garden | Organic Gardening 365
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“Timeless Gardening Tips” from Organic Gardening 365

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How do I start an organic garden?

If you’ve never gardened before, or never gardened organically, it may seem like a whole lot to figure out all at once.

  • When do I plant my seeds?
  • How do I start a compost pile?
  • How much food can I/should I grow?
  • How do I get rid of the bugs that are eating my lettuce?
  • The list goes on and on…

After 35 years of gardening, the last 20 organically, I have gathered bits and pieces of gardening wisdom from experienced gardeners, research, and good old trial and error. Ultimately, my garden has been my best teacher. And I’m learning new stuff all the time.

There have been big life-lessons for sure. But then there are all the little details of things like when to pinch the suckers off the tomato vines.

How to start an organic garden: If you’re familiar with my blog, you have probably seen my “OG 365 Timeless Gardening Tips” series.  At first they were brief little emails, but then grew into full-fledged articles.

After numerous requests, I have put them all together on this page so you can see them in one fell swoop. It’s a great place to get an overview of the things you’ll need to think about when you start gardening organically. I haven’t covered every topic and by no means every little detail, but I’ve tried to give you some basics to get you started growing your own organic food.

I hope you will learn as I have by talking to other gardeners, doing lots of research, and trying new things in your garden. Hopefully the articles below will be a springboard for your new adventure of gardening organically.

As always, let me know what you find helpful.


Organic Gardening 365 Timeless Gardening Tips

1.  Goals:  Why Garden Organically: What Are Your Goals?

2.  Keep track of things:  3 Reasons You Should Keep a Multi-year Gardener’s Journal

3.  Tools:  How to Choose the Right Tools for Your Organic Garden: 11 Strategic Guidelines

4.  How much to plant:  “How much food should I plant in my organic garden?”

5.  Ordering from catalogs:  Don’t Buy Everything You See in the Garden Catalog

6.  When do I plant stuff?  When to Plant Your Organic Vegetable Garden: 7 Questions You Must Answer First

7.  Succession planting:  How to Grow More Food in Your Organic Garden with Succession Plantings

8.  Extend the growing season:  7 Ways to Grow More Food by Planting Earlier in the Spring and Extending Your Harvest into Fall and Winter

9.  Seed packets–follow the instructions:  True confessions of a 20-year gardener OR How to Read Seed Packets and Get the Most out of Your Organic Garden

10.  Harvest regularly:  One Simple Gardening Technique that Triggers Your Plants to Produce Larger Quantities of Vegetables

11.  Fertilizer:  Don’t Fertilize Your Plants: 5 Reasons You Should Never Use Chemical Fertilizers

12.  Compost systems:  5 Questions You Must Ask Before You Choose the Right Composting System for Your Garden

13.  Worm composting:  How to Choose the Worm Composter That’s Right for You

14.  Container gardening:  14 No-nonsense Tips for Successful Organic Container Gardening

15.  Children in the garden:   Get Your Kids to Help You in the Garden

16.  Growing fruit trees:  14 Time-tested, “Listen to Your Grandmother” Questions You Must Answer BEFORE You Decide What Fruit to Grow in Your Organic Garden

17.  Pruning:  Get Bigger Harvests by Pruning Your Organic Fruit Trees

18.  Organic lawn care:  Book Review: “The Organic Lawn Care Manual” by Paul Tukey

19.  Community gardening:  11 Ways to Get Involved in or Create Your Own Gardening Community

20.  Growing extra produce:  Why You Should Grow Extra Produce in Your Organic Garden

21.  Raising chickens:  9 Reasons You Should Raise Your Own Organic Chickens

22.  Staying inspired:  The Garden in Your Soil and the Garden in Your Soul: 7 Tips for When You’ve Lost Your Inspiration to Garden Organically

23.  Keep learning:  Some Very Basic Organic Gardening Advice: Stay in “Learning Mode”


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