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How to Make Your Own Organic Fertilizer | Organic Gardening 365
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How to Make Your Own Organic Fertilizer

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This guest blog post is written by Contributor, David Porcaro

how to make organic fertilizer, homemade organic fertilizer

Two of the same lettuce plants sown on the same day for inside winter gardening. One was fed my homemade organic fertilizer and the other wasn’t.

Imagine eating food that was void of any nutritional content. Over time we would develop health issues and that would lead to disease and sickness and then possibly death. Proper nutrition is always important.

Well, the same holds true for living plants especially the types of plants we grow in our gardens or greenhouses and consume.

In just a minute I’m going to share with you my special formula for homemade organic fertilizer that produces plants with superior flavor and nutritional value.

Unfortunately most of our soils, and certainly potting mixes, are missing crucial trace minerals and micro-nutrients that plants need to be healthy and strong enough to withstand and fight against diseases and fungus that attack them.

Healthy soil becomes depleted of its micro-nutrients due to a myriad of reasons: over fertilization with chemical fertilizers, pesticide use, soil erosion and poor soil management. This can happen in a backyard garden as well as on small or large scale farms.

Yes, you may grow nice looking vegetables and even have a bumper crop, but without proper soil management, most plants will be weak and unable to fight against invading diseases. But most importantly they will be nutritionally deficient.

Every vegetable, fruit and nut–every plant we eat–has a significant nutritional benefit for us; it is the way our Creator designed things.

Organic does not automatically mean nutritional

Just because something is grown organically does not mean it has the nutritional value it should.

For example, let’s say you buy organic fruits and vegetables at Whole Foods or your local grocery store. You feel good, and rightly so, because you’re not going to feed your family anything that may have harmful chemicals in it.

But if the soil they were grown in is lacking important minerals and nutrients, the harvested crop does not contain the vitamins and minerals it is capable of having and the nutritional value of the product is miniscule – even though it is technically organic.

Feed the soil

The solution is to feed your soil what it is lacking. Then the soil will feed your plants and you’re going to end up with healthier plants that will contain the nutritional value they are designed to have. The result? You will be eating the healthiest food you could ask for.

It all starts with the soil and using a feeding program that will nourish your soil, which in turn will make your plants very happy. Your plants can only be as healthy as your soil is.

With proper soil management, whether on a large or small scale, your harvests will be more abundant and will taste much sweeter than anything you’ve tasted before. Greens will be greener. Reds will be more vibrant. And most importantly this can be done in a totally organic way, so you know your food is not only high in nutritional value but safe to feed your family.

How to make healthy soil

There are 5 products I use to create a healthy and active soil:

Let me explain how these five products work together for the health of your soil and your crops.

1.  Boogie Brew – The Catalyst
Boogie brew is a solution for all your organic needs. This formula works as both a 100% natural fertilizer, and a soil-vitalizing biological tonic. It activates a blend of bio-matter (nutrients) with stunning results for your plants.
Add 2 teaspoons per gallon of brew.

2.  Sea – 90, Trace Minerals
The most complete mineral ever. Loaded with calcium, magnesium, potassium and over 90 elements. Created from pure ocean water, Sea-90 sea mineral solids are made in a pristine location from fresh sea water rich in trace elements.

Crops exhibit larger yields, with increased disease and insect resistance. Tissue analyses indicates higher vitamins, carbohydrates and amino acid levels. Sea-90 works to greatly increase microbial populations in soil.
Add 1 teaspoon per gallon of brew.

3.  SOS (Super Organic Stimulator)- Beneficial Bacteria
This product helps plants to breakdown salts and dead biological material (in your soil) into food and nutrients for plant roots to feed on. It brings 19 species of beneficial bacteria into root zones of plants and promotes strong healthy growth of roots, fruit and just about anything you are growing.

The rate of growth when using SOS is phenomenal. This product is ideal for both hydroponic and soil based growing.
Add 1 oz. (2 Tablespoons) per gallon of brew.

4.  Terpinator – Amino Acids
This product is designed to boost production of a plants natural oil producing glands to increase the oils that are known to enhance aroma, flavors and pigments of the plant. Terpinator is also loaded with amino acids, which aid in the overall health of the plant.

It has a neutral PH-level of 6, so it is compatible with all fertilizer products and can be used alongside any nutrient program. So, in essence your harvests will smell sweeter (aroma), they will taste sweeter (flavor), and the colors of your harvest will be deeper and more vibrant (pigments). Reds will be much redder, greens deeper in color and yellows more stunning and bright.
Add 1 tablespoon per gallon of brew.

5.  Raw Cane Molasses – Carbohydrate
Think of adding sugar to a cup of coffee, it sweetens the taste. Well that’s exactly what happens by adding raw molasses to your feeding program. Your harvest will taste so much sweeter whether it be tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces, spinach or kale.

Just like you and I need carbohydrates to function at optimal efficiency, living plants have the same needs. Organic Raw Cane Molasses should be included in your feeding program.
Add 1/8 teaspoon per gallon of brew.

You will also need:

… to pick up a fish tank pump at your local pet supply store. The smallest size pump will work for brewing up to ten gallons at one time. If you plan to brew more than 10 gallons you will need a bigger pump. I bought mine at Petco for $10.00.

Make sure when you purchase your pump that it comes with a bubbling stone. This stone is what goes into your container of water and oxygenates your brew.

During the winter when I have over 150 plants growing indoors, I brew 4 gallons a week in a 2 gallon container. So I brew 2 gallons twice.During the summer you will have to gauge your need and brew enough accordingly.

You can use a 5 gallon bucket to brew up to 5 gallons at a time. Really any type of container will work so long as you can transfer to 1 gallon containers to put in the fridge if it will not be used right away.

How to make organic fertilizer

Additional materials needed: (see pictures below)

Preparing Your Brew : (for 1 gallon)

  1. Put 2 teaspoons Boogie Brew and 1 teaspoon Sea-90 trace minerals in cheese cloth. Tie cheese cloth closed. I use twist ties that come with a loaf of bread.
  2. Insert this ball of mixture into 1 gallon of water.
  3. Attach the tubing to the pump and the bubbling stone air diffuser.
  4. Insert your bubbling stone air diffuser into water and plug it into an electrical outlet. The stone immediately starts bubbling and oxygenating the water.
  5. Let this brew for 24-36 hours.

After this brewing period your compost tea is ready.

NOTE: Do not add any other ingredients until you are ready to feed your plants. If you are not ready to feed, take your finished brew (Boogie Brew and Sea-90 trace minerals) and put it in the refrigerator.  This will last up to a month in refrigerator.

BTW: Tell your co-refrigerator-users! You don’t want them to think it’s some new kind of juice.

When you’re ready to feed your plants, it’s time to add to your one gallon of brew:

  • 1 oz. (2 TBSP)  SOS-Super Organic Stimulator
  • 1 TBSP Terpinator
  • 1/8 tsp Raw Cane Molasses

Feeding your plants (of course, you’re really feeding the soil)

Water your plants every 7-10 days with this mixture. You can use this brew from when you transplant your seedlings right on through the life of the plant.

This is an especially good fertilizer if you are growing plants inside during the winter. But is good for year-round gardening inside and outside.

All of the above products can be found at Greenlife Garden Supply, which has 4 locations:

  • Biddeford, Maine:  (207) 571-9455
  • York, Maine:  (207) 363-0844
  • Billerica, Massachusetts:  (978) 262-9966
  • Manchester, New Hampshire:  (603) 782-8233

You can visit their website but I find it easier to just call them and place my order. New Hampshire is the best place to call in my experience. Or you can click on the live links above to order some of the products from Amazon. Or if you’re lucky, you can find them locally.

To sum things up

Most of the food we consume is so lacking in nutritional content because of the conditions it is grown in. By using the type of feeding program described above, you are not only giving your plants what they require, but they in turn are doing the same for you and your family and/or your customers.

And it’s totally organic.

When you grow your food in an organic soil and environment, and use this feeding program, you will end up with the healthiest and most nutritious food you could imagine. The flavors, colors, tastes, and textures are like no other.

I should only add that this approach does not substitute for adding organic material to the soil, such as compost. Increasing the amount of organic material in the soil not only improves the condition of the soil itself, it increases the micro-biology of life in the soil. This in turn helps the roots of your crops to absorb more of the nutrients from the soil and your feeding program.

Don’t settle for anything less. You owe it to yourself and your family to take control of what you put into your body on a daily basis.

I hope you try this feeding program. I’d love to hear from you and get your feedback. Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Check out these pictures that show the whole process.

Obviously boogie brew for making compost tea.

Use 2 tsp. Boogie Brew

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 5.01.26 PM

And 1 tsp Sea-90

Lay out a piece of cheese cloth (12 in. square)

Lay out a piece of cheese cloth (12 in. square)

Add Boogie Brew and Sea-90 trace minerals

Add Boogie Brew and Sea-90 trace minerals

Tie up cheese cloth

Tie up cheese cloth

Fill container with 1 gallon of water and add the cheesecloth bundle.

Fill container with 1 gallon of water and add the cheesecloth bundle.

Insert air bubbling stone into container to start brewing compost tea.

Insert air bubbling stone into container to start brewing compost tea.

Compost tea brewing. Let it bubble for 24 hours.

Compost tea brewing. Let it bubble for 24 – 36 hours.

Water pump with tube and bubbling stone.

Water pump with tube and bubbling stone.

You can store the brewed compost tea in the refrigerator until ready to use. Don't add the additional ingredients until you fertilize your plants.

You can store the brewed compost tea in the refrigerator until ready to use. Don’t add the additional ingredients until you fertilize your plants.


When you’re ready to use, add 2 TBSP Super Organic Stimulator (SOS) to the mixture.


Then add 1 TBSP Terpinator

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 5.05.04 PM

And finally add 1/8 tsp. raw cane molasses

Happy Gardening to you all,


David Pocaro

David Porcaro is a long time organic gardener and backyard farmer in Historic Wethersfield, Ct.


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