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Best Apple Cake Recipe with Organic Sprouted Spelt Flour | Organic Gardening 365
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Best Apple Cake Recipe with Organic Sprouted Spelt Flour

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best apple cake with sprouted spelt flour

This is the best apple cake recipe I’ve found

Cake at Thanksgiving?

Okay, okay. I know. Usually the week of Thanksgiving everyone is going nuts over the latest variation of pumpkin pie. But for all you iconoclasts out there, I offer a substitute desert for the holidays, or if not a substitute, at least an addition to your traditional repertoire: a delicious apple cake with sprouted spelt flour.

There are multiple versions of this basic apple cake floating around in recipe boxes, church cookbooks and websites. I have tried most of them. But after making adjustments and additions and many attempts at the perfect apple cake (we are talking advanced scientific research here), I have finally settled on what I think is the very best.

Of course, I could be wrong about that. So perhaps, I might just have to keep experimenting. All in the name of apple cake science!

The nice thing about this recipe is that it is good any time of year, but especially wonderful in the fall when the fresh harvest of apples is upon us. We eat it for dessert, for snacks, and even for breakfast. Actually we don’t eat it; we devour it.

The best thing is, it’s quite simple to make.

And what does apple cake in November have to do with a gardening website? You eat your cake while you’re looking at the seed catalogs, of course. My first one came in the mail just the other day. I’d better make some more cake.

Apple Cake with Sprouted Spelt Flour

2 cups organic sprouted spelt flour
2 cups organic sugar* (or your preferred sweetener)
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon organic cinnamon (Oh! make it 2 tsp. if you dare)
1/2 cup melted butter (organic from grass-fed cows is the best)
1/2 cup organic applesauce
3 eggs ( organic, free range)
4 cups chopped organic apples (any baking apple will work just fine–I used Cortland most recently)
1 1/2 cups finely chopped walnuts or pecans (unless you can’t eat them)

*You could argue that using sugar does not make a healthy apple cake recipe. That’s why I say to use your preferred sweetener. Maybe my next experiment will be with other sweeteners. Let me know what works for you.


  1. Preheat oven to 325˚F. Grease (I use butter) and flour a tube or bundt pan.
  2. In a large bowl, combine the flour, sugar, soda, slat and cinnamon.
  3. Add melted butter, applesauce and eggs. Stir until just mixed.
  4. Fold in apples and walnuts until evenly distributed. Do not over-mix.
  5. Pour batter in prepared pan and bake for 1 1/2 hours. (Yes, 1 1/2 hours. I didn’t believe it the first time I made it. Sometimes it cooks a little faster or a little slower. I’d check on it at 1 hour and then every so often until a toothpick comes out clean.)
  6. Remove from the oven and leave it in the pan for at least 10 minutes to cool.
  7. Remove from the pan and continue to cool on a wire rack. (This is sometimes a joke. We usually can’t wait very long to dig into it unless we’re taking it somewhere and it has to be all in one piece.)

I hope you’ll give this recipe a try. Let me know what you think and if you made any of your own adjustments. It has been one of our all time favorite recipes. Even my wife loves it and she doesn’t usually eat cake.

Bon appetite!

Bon appétit!

Happy Baking,


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