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May, 2013 | Organic Gardening 365
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Archives for May 2013

5 Questions You Must Ask Before You Choose the Right Composting System for Your Garden

Do you have a compost pile in your garden? If so, that’s great! How long have you been composting? But if you’re not composting, I’ve got some important info for you later in this post. Learn from your mistakes (or from mine) First, I want to tell you how NOT to make a compost pile.  […]

Don’t Fertilize Your Plants: 5 Reasons You Should Never Use Chemical Fertilizers

  When your car runs out of gas, you fill it up. Naturally. When your kids get cranky about 3:45 in the afternoon, you give them a snack. Worked for us. When you want your garden to grow faster and produce bigger harvests, you give it generous doses of plant food. Right? Not at all. […]

One Simple Gardening Technique that Triggers Your Plants to Produce Larger Quantities of Vegetables

If you could do one thing… …that would increase the amount of food you could harvest from your garden, would you do it? Especially if it required very little extra effort on your part? Of course.

True confessions of a 20-year gardener OR How to Read Seed Packets and Get the Most out of Your Organic Garden

I’ve got two confessions to make.  No, I did not commit some heinous crime.  Nothing too serious actually. Confession #1 Here’ my first dirty little secret:  I never planted radishes in my garden until last year.  Wasn’t crazy about the little buggers.  Too tart. Too radishy tasting. All that started to change a couple of […]