Top Bar Beehives: The Best Beekeeping Method for Healthy Bees

Natural Wax froom a top bar beehive

Have you ever thought about keeping your own bees? More and more people are getting involved in this age old pastime. It may seem a little daunting at first: all the equipment, the timing of things, the worry about what is happening to the bee population in general. And of course the concern about getting […]

The Best Arugula Salad You’ve Ever Made

Delicious arugula salad with pears

I love this time of year when you can pick fresh, organic arugula from your garden (or find it at an organic produce store or local farm). There is nothing quite like the zing of this leafy green. It just begs for a variety of salad fixings to set off its flavor. We never make […]

Why Farmland Preservation Is Crucial to Our Future

April and her son, Austen in front of their family’s dairy cows

The following guest post is by April Moon, a Conservation and Outreach Associate at Connecticut Farmland Trust. Farmland preservation and why it matters The United States loses over one acre of farmland every minute. Just think about that. Today, less than one fifth of America’s land is classified high-quality; and we need that land, to […]

How to Find Native Plants for Your Garden

The flowering dogwood is native to Connecticut and provides food and shelter for many birds and insects

Using plants that are native to your region is becoming more and more important to gardeners who are interested in the environmental impact of what they plant and how they grow things. I’m talking perennial flowers, trees, shrubs, that sort of thing. I’ll talk about vegetables in a minute. And I have a super easy […]

The Easiest Way to Compost in the Winter

Fall leaves ready to compost

A couple of winters ago I inadvertently discovered a simple new way to compost the fall leaves that somehow didn’t make it into my regular compost pile during fall cleanup. I call it Gutter Composting. Let me explain how I made this amazing discovery. In the fall, I was really swamped with all the normal […]